About The Founder

Rosemary Stribling, a former Division I student-athlete, understands the value of a college education. She fostered many attributes being an intercollegiate athlete, which has proven critical for the professional workforce.

She has been working as a professional athletics academic advisor for almost a decade at a number of NCAA institutions. She works directly with intercollegiate student-athletes monitoring their academic eligibility and ensuring they meet the NCAA requirements to compete in their respective sports. She has also created several different student-athlete developmental programs throughout her professional career. She is also a DiSC assessment facilitator for the NCAA and facilitates the personality assessment tool at NCAA institutions.

​She created Sport of LIFE with the hopes of preparing high school student-athletes who wish to participate in college athletics by providing them with academic and development resources to be successful.

"I have been there myself and know how tough it can be. My passion and athletic experience in the NCAA encourages my reciprocity to student-athletes by assisting them through one of the most influential times of their lives."

Rosemary is also a

NCAA DiSC Assessment 

Facilitator, which is used for Leadership Development

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