Who We Are, What We Do

“The scholarship chase trickles down to every level. College coaches are now courting middle-schoolers, and competitive high school teams scout the club ranks. In some places, travel teams have supplanted high school squads as the priority for top players.” The youth sports economy, which includes everything from equipment to private coaching, has grown by 55 percent since 2010 and has consistently been growing. The purpose of the Sport of LIFE program is to help prepare high school student-athletes for the race for the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and being put in the best position to receive an athletic scholarship to pay for college.

Unfortunately, I have come across plenty of student-athletes who were academically ineligible because they had not taken all of the required core courses for the NCAA prior to attending their institution. NCAA eligibility requires specific core courses and academic benchmarks that differ from high school graduation requirements, which is where the confusion lies. By the time these students realize they are missing some required courses, it is too late to fix. These student-athletes are then ineligible to participate or receive an athletic scholarship and this is where Sport of LIFE intervenes!

Mission Statement

Sport of LIFE is a student centered organization designed to prepare high school student-athletes for the NCAA by equipping them with essential skills for success throughout college and life thereafter. Sport of LIFE provides tutoring, study skills training, NCAA initial eligibility workshops, and individualized academic evaluations to cultivate the importance of good scholastic practices.

Core Values

  • Responsibility - ALWAYS keep the goals of the student-athlete FIRST

  • Empowerment - Support, motivate, and encourage student-athletes to recognize their potential to decipher challenges and respect individuality

  • Integrity - Be ethically intentional while valuing honesty, transparency, and accountability

  • Respect & Diversity - Value ourselves and each other while embracing our diversity

  • Commitment - We are committed to the students we serve and work diligently to achieve their goals 

NCAA & Student-Athlete Success

“Student-athletes continue to achieve academic success at record levels,” NCAA President Mark Emmert said. “When the GSR was created more than 15 years ago, the NCAA set an aspirational goal of 80 percent of student-athletes graduating. College athletes have met and exceeded that goal — as they often do with any challenge."


More Division I student-athletes than ever are earning their degrees, according to new Graduation Success Rate data released today. The most recent rate is 88 percent, a record high and an increase of 1 percentage point from 2017 numbers.

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